Betabrand New This Week: Nauseating Holiday Perfect Dress, Poinsettia Dress Pant Yoga Pants and Gloflake 36...

Betabrand - New This Week: Nauseating Holiday Perfect Dress, Poinsettia Dress Pant Yoga Pants and Gloflake 36...
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										In Todays Edition: Nauseating Holiday Perfect Dress,  Poinsettia Dress Pant Yoga Pants and Gloflake 360 Reversible Dress. Nauseating Holiday Perfect Dress, Poinsettia Dress Pant Yoga Pants and Gloflake 360 Reversible Dress! PREORDER Ho-Ho-Horrible! Nauseating Holiday Perfect Dress Christmas-sweater-party season is almost upon us! And while Betabrand applauds the notion of wearing that supremely hideous macrame turtleneck knit by your Aunt Gertrude, we think it’s only appropriate to delight your fellow partygoers with a truly awful ensemble. Hence, our limited-edition Nauseating Holiday Perfect Dress! Oh no, silly Mrs. Claus used rotten cream in her eggnog, and now everyone at the North Pole is as sick as can be! Santa’s puking presents! Rudolph’s retching candy canes! The floor of Santa’s workshop is a steaming fetid mess! Lucky for you, we were able to lovingly recreate this scene on our flattering perfect dress silhouette. We hope you’ll agree that this is some of the most ho-ho-horrendous holiday apparel you’ve ever seen. Nauseating Holiday Perfect Dress: Learn More! Get free shipping on every order,
										first dibs on savings, and much more. 

										 CREATE YOUR BETABRAND ACCOUNT →   NEW 'Tis The Season For Comfortable Office Pants Poinsettia Dress Pant Yoga Pants Our world-famous Dress Pant Yoga Pants now ready for your holiday office party, Mall Santa photoshoots, and festivities beyond. Yoga pants for the office? We don't think that's a stretch. Especially when it comes to Dress Pant Yoga Pants, our most popular product ever. Imagine: a pair of ultra-comfy yoga pants that are also appropriate for work! Combining soft, stretchy performance knit with dress-pant styling, this professional workwear can double as workout wear, perfect for performing the Lunchtime Lotus and the Power Pointer, as well as other, more orthopedically sound postures. Now, what sort of new office yoga poses will you pioneer? Dress Pant Yoga Pants have appeared in publications around the world as they continue to shift the Global Dress-Pant Paradigm. (Not sure if this is an actual thing, but we'd like to think so.) Forgive our boasting, but we simply can't make enough of 'em to keep up with demand right now — order yours while you can! Poinsettia Dress Pant Yoga Pants: Learn More!   NEW A Dresstivus For The Rest Of Us Gloflake 360 Reversible Dress We took FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) graduate Elizabeth Irwin's beloved dress design and spruced it up for the season. Now you need only one dress to get you through your partner's holiday party, spontaneous caroling crusades, and all manner of festivities in between. Speaking of Elizabeth, here she is on the origin of her convertible dress: Ever discovered the most adorable garment but didn’t buy it because of the print? While I love patterns and prints, I feel like they can only be worn on a few occasions. That’s why I designed the versatile 360 Reversible Dress: so you can have FOUR dresses in one! Sport a sport solid red front or the holiday-inspired Gloflake print. Go with a high neckline or something more daring. Just flip your dress around, or turn it inside-out! Gloflake 360 Reversible Dress: Learn More!   In case you missed 'em BLT-Bouquet Shirt
										Lettuce Present Your New ...   Power Suit
										Strength In Separates   Hideout Hoodie-Dress
										Morning Sanctuary   The Libertarian
										 Laissez-Faire Fashion     JOBS Work With Us Here Our marketing team is looking for an E-Commerce Acquisition Manager. The successful candidate will be comfortable working aboard a giant, pant-shaped airship, among other things. Visit our jobs page for details.     More Recommendations Black Work-It Skort   Jet-Black Travel Jeans   Dress Pant Sweatpants   Dress Pant Yoga Pants   Office Jeans   Rumpl Wrap   Travel Cargo Pants   Collarless Yoga Blazer   Aphrodite Top Limited Quantity     Should we make this? Vote for any of the hundreds of Think Tank ideas or submit your own design. At Betabrand, you create the future of fashion. Dolores Park Dress By: Tiffany C. Vote See More Ideas   " Questions? We'd like to answer them. 
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