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Zady - The New(s) Standard: Fashion Revolution Week • Apple • Barbie
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										WHAT WE'RE CONSUMING • APRIL 21, 2016 

										5 Takeaways From Last Night’s Future of Fashion Sustainability Panel

										Do you know who made your clothes? Probably not—and the designers and fast-fashion companies that sold them to you probably don’t, either. That was the overarching message at last night’s Future of Fashion panel hosted by Zady  and Parsons, which included speakers Rick Ridgeway, VP of environmental affairs at Patagonia; Quartz reporter Marc Bain; and stylist Sarah Slutsky.  VOGUE<

										Zady: As the U.S. chairs of Fashion Revolution Week (#fashrev) we were tremendously pleased with the turnout and subsequent conversations at our panel. If you haven't yet participated in the #fashrev movement, there's still time! Take a selfie with your clothing label exposed, tag the brand on social media and include #whomademyclothes and #fashrev. See if the brand replies with a transparent supply chain! And see the below article for more about the movement!

										The true cost of 'fast fashion': why #whomademyclothes is trending this week

										The style industry’s ethics are under scrutiny this week. As we near the third anniversary of the collapse of the clothing factory in Bangladesh that killed over 1,000 people the public asks #whomademyclothes... INDEPENDENT

										Zady: This article gives a brief background of the Fashion Revolution movement, of which Zady is the U.S. chair for the second year in a row. You can participate too: Take a selfie with your clothing label showing, tag the brand on social media and ask #whomademyclothes. It highlights the lack of transparency in most supply chains and puts pressure on the industry to control their social and environmental footprint within clothing production.

										Is H&M misleading customers with all its talk of sustainability?

										H&M probably talks about sustainability more than any other fast-fashion brand. These efforts sound great, but critics—myself included —have questioned how much they actually mitigate the massive and growing company’s environmental impact. Some suggest these displays  of devotion to the notion of sustainability are “greenwashing,” distracting from the extent of the harm the company does, and even boosting sales. QUARTZ

										Zady: It's great when any large brand with a large audience calls to attention the perils of climate change and fashion's enormous effect on it. H&M's campaign is clever and emotive, but unfortunately we have to agree that recycling just isn't the option we need to be promoting to consumers, particularly those who shop predominantly at fast fashion chains. The most important message of course is that we should being buying fewer clothes, which is only unsustainable to H&M's bottom line. 

										Humor break!    
										Follow @barbiesavior instagram.com/barbiesavior for some afternoon fun-poking at privilege in developing countries.

										Zady: The hashtags are priceless.

										Six of the worst toxins Apple says it has phased out of its products

										As part of its annual environmental responsibility report  (pdf), Apple listed a half-dozen of “the worst toxins” identified in its products and outlined the steps it has taken to quit using them. QUARTZ

										Zady: #TFW even Apple has removed pthalates from its products but they’re still in children’s clothing. 

										Can Fresh Air Blow Away the Case Against Obama's Climate Policy?

										For America's biggest environmental law, however, economic health and public health haven't been locked in a zero-sum battle. The air is indisputably cleaner today, even after decades of economic growth. As the Obama administration tries to apply the Clean Air Act to a new environmental problem—climate change—it's worth wondering if past performance ever guarantees future results. BLOOMBERG

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