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Betabrand - Warm-Weather Wardrobe Wisdom
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										Our latest custom-print shirts, dresses, and more. View in browser. <>
										Betabrand <>
										Summer's-Almost-Here Edition
										Fresh delights from the Eyescreamery, warm-weather shirts and dresses galore, and some of our finest Model Citizen photos yet.

										WARNING: Our newest crowdfunding projects may temporarily wreck your retinas. Behold the Eyescream Shirt <> and Eyescream Dress <>, each featuring a custom frozen-treat print along with some of the brightest colors known to science. Help them reach their funding goals and save up to 30%.

										We've also got loads of other great print shirts <> and dresses <> that are available right now, or very soon. They're lightweight, wonderfully comfy, and sure to make for lively conversation this summer.


										While the Karl Lagerfelds of the world condemn those who would dare wear feces before Labor Day, we believe the Poo Emoji Dress <> and Poo-Emoji Shirt <> represent a fashion movement for all seasons. (That dress is also available for pre-order in a new V-neck edition <>.)

										Nature clearly conjured up the betta fish as a marketing boon for Betabrand, as illustrated by the lovely Beta-Fish Perfect Dress <>.

										Beta-Fish Perfect Dress <>

										Were this the Middle Ages, we'd likely be burned at the stake for showing you the lusty Magic Dragon Shirt <>, festooned as it is with an epic bacchanal of drinking, smoking, and other assorted gluttonies — enough dragon debauchery to make even Smaug the Mighty blush.

										Magic Dragon Shirt <>

										Just another pretty polka-dotted dress? Take a closer look at the Pet Lover's Perfect Dress <> and you'll see gazillions of teeny paw prints. (We hasten to point out that these paws are not species-specific, and therefore in no way exclude dog or bear aficionados.)

										Pet Lover's Perfect Dress <>

										The Shark Shirt <>: a veritable shark-filled funnel cloud. Say, that's a great idea for a movie!

										Shark Shirt <>

										No shirts for women? you ask. Well, check out our lovely Bluebird Boyfriend Shirt <>, o ye of little faith.
										Bluebird Boyfriend Shirt <>

										There once was a shirt from the Bay <>, Whose name implied something risqué. Said the designer, winking, It’s just what you’re thinking, But that's about all I can say.

										Man-From-Nantucket Shirt <>

										As any fashion prognosticator will tell you, 19th-century German biologists are sizzling hot this summer. So make sure you stay on trend with the Haeckeloha Perfect Dress <> or men's Haeckeloha Shirt <>, inspired by the intricate illustrations in Ernst Haeckel's seminal book, Kunstformen der Natur.


										Billboard-Contest Update

										Check out all the entries so far on our Facebook page <>, then like your favorites. The most popular pics will end up on several big Bay Area billboards!

										Want to join in on the fun? To enter the contest, just visit our Model Citizen <> page and upload <> your photo. (Note: You must be wearing something from Betabrand.) Submission deadline is April 28.

										Billboard Contest <> 
										In The Think Tank

										Learn more about the Superduck <>, then let us know if we should turn this concept into a crowdfundable prototype.

										The Superduck <> 

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