Godiva The Lady GODIVA Program - celebrating inspirational women

Godiva - The Lady GODIVA Program - celebrating inspirational women
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										Dear GODIVA fans,

										Lady Godiva was no ordinary heroine.

										According to legend, Lady Godiva rode unclothed on horseback
										through the streets in protest of the heavy taxation imposed on
										her townspeople by her husband, the Lord of Coventry. 
										During her ride, the townspeople stayed indoors to preserve
										her modesty and thank her for her generosity and
										self-sacrifice. Lady Godiva's courage prevailed and the
										taxation was lifted.

										At GODIVA, we want the legend of Lady Godiva's selfless
										courage to live on.

										In keeping with her legacy, we are proud to introduce
										the Lady GODIVA Program, a national and local
										campaign created to celebrate women who give back to their
										communities and inspire us with their selflessness,
										generosity and leadership.

										To see how you can get involved, visit the Lady GODIVA Program
										website today:

										Every season, you will have the opportunity to nominate a
										woman in your community as a Local Lady GODIVA. GODIVA will
										then honor three women who exemplify the spirit of Lady
										Godiva and reward their charitable efforts. At the end of
										the year, we'll select one from these finalists and
										contribute $10,000 towards her cause.

										Every two years GODIVA will also select a Lady GODIVA Program
										Honoree who exemplifies the values of selflessness,
										generosity and leadership.  We are proud to recognize Lauren
										Bush Lauren, chief FEEDer and co-Founder of FEED, as our first
										National Lady GODIVA Honoree.

										Honor the women in your life. Nominate a friend, colleague
										or family member to be a Local Lady GODIVA today:

										Let the Lady GODIVA Program inspire you to make a
										difference. Join us as we celebrate women who go above and
										beyond to support their communities.



										Jim Goldman 
										GODIVA CEO


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