Terry A week of cycle chic: 7 fabulous finds.

Terry - A week of cycle chic: 7 fabulous finds.
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										A WEEK OF CYCLE CHIC. 
										Our recommendations for the most feminine silhouettes of the season. Shop dresses now>

										Monday CADENCE
										Setting the pace and tone for the week, Cadence is our favorite pocketed, cinchable, comfortable creation.

										Tuesday CHRYSALLIS
										Transformational dressing from Nau gives you a riding jacket and a sleeveless dress, all in one sophisticated package. 

										Wednesday MEADOW
										Available in solid or stripe, the dropped waist Meadow Dress embraces an athletic lifestyle and an athletic body. 

										Thursday BIKE TUNIC
										A best seller each season, the Terry Tunic turns simple bike knickers into a biking knockout. 

										Friday VARIANT
										Destination happy hour in this super stylish, very architectural Variant from the traditional norm. 

										Saturday FRESCA
										For those who get the most out of every day, especially Saturday, Fresca provides 2 dresses in one. 

										Sunday ILIANA
										Sunday brunch and rides through the park in free-flowing Iliana round out a week of cycle chic.  

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