One Kings Lane Bed and bath must-haves, garden stools, custom canvas prints, rugs, vintage books, mirrors & more

One Kings Lane - Bed and bath must-haves, garden stools, custom canvas prints, rugs, vintage books, mirrors & more
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										One Kings Lane Quilts and pillows, sheets and towels, beds and rugs, lighting and more: Everything you need for the perfect bedroom and bathroom Please add events@communications.onekingslane.com to your address book to ensure delivery to your inbox. ALL SALES VINTAGE & MARKET FINDS CALENDAR TODAY′S NEW SALES Pattern Play STYLISH SLEEP SPACE   Sheets, towels, and decor to lighten and brighten the bed and bath.   Quiet Haven CALMING NEUTRAL RETREAT   Furniture, rugs, fragrances, and more to help you create a bastion of serenity.   Five-Star Luxury DELUXE BEDROOM TOUCHES   From upholstered beds and clawfoot tubs to Venetian glass lighting and embroidered linens.   Beneath the Feet RUGS FOR EVERY ROOM   In a striking range of styles, colors, sizes, and prices.   Legend of Asia GARDEN STOOLS, FURNITURE & ACCENTS   Bringing the time-honored beauty of Asian decor to the contemporary home.   Chic Canvas CUSTOM CANVAS PRINTS   Your favorite photos, transformed into a full-size work of art.   Mirror Image FRAMED WALL MIRRORS   A brilliant reflection of your impeccable taste.   Baggallini FUN & FUNCTIONAL BAGS   Lightweight, well organized, roomy, and fashionable too.   Our Picks Under $50 THRIFTY FINDS   An eclectic selection, all priced under $50.   Vintage & Market Finds BOOKS   Rare, out-of-print, antiquarian, collectible, and signed volumes.   Sunny Breakfast Nook DISTINCTIVE DINING IDEAS   From coffeemakers and cutlery to tables and chairs just right for a cozy corner.   Casual Lunch RELAXED KITCHEN BASICS   Appliances, cookbooks, tableware, furniture: All that's missing are the food and friends.   Colorful Celebration A POLISHED TABLE SETTING   Regal dining tables and chairs, vintage silver, hand-embroidered linens, and more.   Bold & Beautiful DISTINCTIVE LIVING ROOM DETAILS   From brightly patterned chairs to quirky vases to luscious home fragrances.   Elegant Upgrade THE FLEXIBLE FAMILY SPACE   Roomy sofas, sturdy rugs, and other furnishings well suited for adults and kids alike.   Textural Tour de Force SOPHISTICATED SITTING AREA   Furniture and accents that combine finesse and complete comfort.   Chic Greeting BRIGHT & FUN ENTRY IDEAS   Because even a small foyer can make a large style statement.   Family Central EASY STORAGE FOR ALL   Everything you need for a multitasking mudroom.   Grand Entrance ELEGANT FOYER ESSENTIALS   Tables, benches, rugs, mirrors, and more to create a stately first impression.   Today's Arrivals Art Books Furniture Lighting 2012 One Kings Lane® All rights reserved. One Kings Lane and the elephant logo are registered trademarks of One Kings Lane Inc. Tastemaker Tag Sales™ is a trademark of One Kings Lane Inc. Corp. Address: 501 SECOND STREET, Suite 114, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94107 PRIVACY POLICY   |   CONTACT US   |   HIRING   |   UNSUBSCRIBE


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