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Starbucks - 3 new Starbucks Reserve® coffees
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										Starbucks Store Experience Bali Vintage Klasik + two more  | View online BROUGHT TO YOU BY STARBUCKS STORE SHOP MY ACCOUNT FIND A STORE A coffee with familiar washed Indonesia herbal low 
										 notes, yet floral and citrus sweetness not found in 
										 coffees from this region. START A SUBSCRIPTION The Longberry varietal creates a coffee with flavor 
										 notes distinct from other Sumatran offerings. Milk 
										 chocolate and toffee notes with a syrupy sweetness. With deep, nutrient-rich volcanic soil, Ka'u farms are 
										 producing coffees coveted around the world. Floral 
										 aromas complement notes of caramel, toasted 
										 hazelnuts and honeydew melon. SHOP OUR FULL SELECTION COFFEE TEA DRINKWARE EQUIPMENT My Account | My Subscription | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Terms of Sale Customer Service:    1-877-421-9062    starbucksstore@starbucks.com If you would like to change the format in which you receive our emails, please click here.
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