Betabrand Travel Trouser Blackout

Betabrand - Travel Trouser Blackout
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										Best Travel Pants & Travel Cargo Pants, now in black. View in browser <>

										Betabrand <>
										TRAVEL TROUSER BLACKOUT! Best Travel Pants For Him Travel Cargo Pants For Her
										Plus crowdfunding, Think Tanking, and good ol' fashioned shopping.
										Best Travel Pants <>
										Who convinced us to take two of our biggest crowdfunding hits of 2015 and offer them in black? Theories abound: Betabrand fans, frequent-flying Goths, perhaps even the Dark Lord Himself. You'll just have to make up your own mind.

										But about those pants. Let's start with our newest Best Travel Pants <>. The best men's travel pants? Damn right, according to designer, world traveler, and inveterate pant wearer James Tagliani, whose opinions we trust in these matters.
										Best Travel Pants <>
										What makes James's Best Travel Pants <> worthy of their name? Let's start with aero-mesh fabric: James insisted on this ultra-comfortable performance blend with its perfect amount of stretch. Flying New York to Shanghai with a layover in Nuuk? No problem.

										This wondrous weave is wrinkle-resistant, quick-drying, and eminently breathable — like air conditioning for your legs. So when next week's meeting in Conference Room B is rescheduled for the sweltering heart of the Amazon, you won't miss a beat.
										Best Travel Pants <>
										The Best Travel Pants <> feature three zippered pockets for wallet, phone, passport, and other essentials.

										There's also a clever slip-snap front closure that guards vigilantly against unexpected wardrobe malfunctions, a must-have when client dinners morph into glutinous, gut-swelling tsunamis of surf and turf.

										Get the complete scoop on product features here <>.
										Best Travel Pants <> 
										Travel Cargo Pants
										Not long after we introduced Travel Yoga Pants, folks began asking for a cargo version <> — pocket-laden pants possessing enough comfort and resiliency to stand up to the most tortuous of travel itineraries.
										Travel Cargo Pants <>
										And they wanted these cargo pants to be stylish, which cargo pants are not necessarily known to be.
										Travel Cargo Pants <>
										With tons of fan feedback in hand, designer Tony Wloch came up with his elegant Travel Cargo Pants <>, featuring DWR (durable water repellent) fabric with four-way stretch for comfort and enhanced mobility, plus enough pockets for all your travel essentials.
										Travel Cargo Pants <>
										Reserve yours now in new black or original gray.

										Looking for something a little different? Check out Travel Yoga Pants <>, the crowdfunding sensation that inspired its cargo cousin. Now available in three colors! <>
										Travel Cargo Pants <> 
										Join The Crowdfund
										Best Travel Pants and Travel Cargo Pants were both born in crowdfunding; now there's a whole new batch of projects that need your support. Help 'em come to life and save up to 20%, plus get free shipping. 

										Jet-Black Jeans <>   Jet-Black Jeans <> Have Jeans, Will Travel: Just like pilots, Wi-Fi, and little bottles of liquor, Jet-Black Jeans are indispensable for today's traveler.  

										Travel Yoga Skort <>   Travel Yoga Skort <> Our Travel Yoga Skort is made from moisture-wicking performance fabric and features SIX hidden security pockets, not to mention the security of built-in shorts. 

										Rousers Overalls <>   Rousers Overalls <> Rousers combine the practicality of traditional overalls with the modern fit and clean styling of your favorite dress denim or chinos. 

										Night Watchman's Sweater <>   Night Watchman's Sweater <> A hearty, double-knit cotton sweater featuring marbled contrast, reflective trim, and cuffs with thumb holes. 

										50/50 Cardigan <>   50/50 Cardigan <> Two looks in one: a comfy cardigan that converts to a tunic in seconds!  
										Our Next Big Hit?
										Want to help turn Bethany Meuleners's Fair Isle Mission Sweater <> into a crowdfundable prototype?

										If you like it, vote for it <> — then scroll down to the comment section <> and tell us what colors you like best. (Other feedback also welcome.)

										And don't forget: There are nearly 100 other designs in our Think Tank <> waiting for your approval.
										Fair Isle Mission Sweater <> 
										Time To Shop
										And finally, here are just a few of the bazillions of great Betabrand products ready to ship NOW.    

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