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										Featured Releases for Your Spring Reading List


										Book of the Moment
										The Tapestry of a Life

										A Natural Woman
										Carole King

										From her working-class childhood to her musical breakthroughs -- first
										as a hit-making songwriter, then as an iconic voice in her own right --
										Carole King takes readers through a career of exhilarating highs and
										profound lows.  Her candid memoir weaves the stories of music, love and
										family into an essential journey through the sound of an era.

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										Don't Miss Hits

										Calico Joe

										Come Home

										Drop Dead Healthy

										The House of Velvet and Glass


										Compelling Life Stories

										As Consciousness Is Harnessed to Flesh

										The Red Circle

										Ninety Days

										14 Minutes


										Titles Mom Will Treasure

										Heroes for My Daughter

										This I Believe

										The Unseen

										When Women Were Birds


										Riveting New Fiction

										I Am an Executioner

										The Cove

										Unholy Night

										The Inquisitor


										Sharpen Your Business Sense

										Breakout Nations

										The Art of the Sale

										White House Burning

										Making Yourself Indispensable


										New Adventures for Kids

										The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict

										Bink and Gollie

										Fenway Fever

										Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer


										Fantastic Tales for Teens

										The Calling

										Taken at Dusk

										Lauren Conrad Style

										The Book of Blood and Shadow


										Pre-Order Tomorrow's Bestsellers

										The Last Boyfriend

										The Wind through the Keyhole

										The Innocent



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