Tennis Express - Improve your Doubles - FREE Bryan Brothers Online Instruction - This Week Only!

Tennis Express - - Improve your Doubles - FREE Bryan Brothers Online Instruction - This Week Only!
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										Learn from the Bryan Brothers Playbook on this FREE Instructional Course Click to view online GET FREE ONLINE INSTRUCTION NOW - Our good friend Will Hamilton from Fuzzy Yellow Balls has just released the third of four FREE videos focusing on doubles strategy and tactics featuring the best doubles team of all time: the Bryan Brothers. Click on the video below and use your email to sign up for the FREE video series. These videos will only be available for the next week or so, so sign up right away and don't miss the opporunity to learn from the Bryan Brothers! Want to become an aggressive poacher? The kind of net man that opposing teams fear and hate to play? And the partner everyone wants to play with? Then you need to develop three things - anticipation, timing, and movement. But how do you go about learning them...?   With a game called "Cat &  Mouse."  It's a game Bob & Mike Bryan have been doing for years and it's why they're such good poachers and so tough at net...and in today's video they're going to teach the game to you. It's easy to do and it's fun - you can play it the very next time you step out on court. FREE VIDEO #3: Bob & Mike Bryan's "Cat & Mouse" Game - click here Get a taste with these FREE videos: The Secret Sauce   Feelin' the Groove   Cat & Mouse Game Here’s the deal with this FREE four-part training series… The Bros have a book of PLAYS that they run on every point, and these plays have allowed them to beat every opponent they’ve come across, including teams with high-powered singles players like Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal. Bob and Mike want to share their playbook with recreational players and show them how these same plays can lead to almost instant success at the club level. You DON’T need to be a pro athlete like the Bros to run these plays – this training has been designed from the ground up for recreational players just like YOU. This playbook, and the opportunity to learn directly from Bob and Mike, is something you – and your doubles partner – can’t afford to miss. PLUS! Never before seen “how to chest bump” video, including prototype chest bumps!   Enjoy!   The Tennis Express team   11026 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77042-3206 | 800.833.6615 © Copyright 2011. Tennis Express Manage E-mail Subscriptions Unsubscribe  |  Privacy Policy



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