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										MEET GAYLE 

										I'm the women's fashion director and head stylist here at J.Crew. What does that 
										mean exactly? I get to play with all the clothes and accessories to figure out 
										what looks best with what. People always ask how we put it all together. So 
										starting with this email, I'll be giving you a little insight. Sometimes a how-to. 
										Sometimes a beauty tip. Always a helpful hint. Or just whatever is on my mind. 

										Gayle Spannaus 
										fashion director 

										Here's what's on my mind 
										as spring approaches...COLOR! 

										1. HOW TO WEAR COLOR:
										bright pants two ways

										"Pair two hues within the same 
										family, like reds and pinks. 
										Then add a vibrant accessory in 
										a complementary color (like 
										this bright blue Edie bag) and 
										ground it with a neutral shoe." 


										"If you're not feeling that 
										brave...Choose one show- 
										stopping piece, like these 
										yellow pants, then pair them 
										with something neutral on top."

										Featuring our high-waisted pant 
										in neon rose and bright sun 

										These are two of the Looks We 
										Love. See them all > 

										2. TRY A HOT PINK LIP 

										"Never going to stray from your head-to-toe black, navy or 
										grey wardrobe? Fair enough. I used NARS in Schiap (named 
										after Elsa Schiaparelli, the Italian designer famous for her 
										bright pinks) for a lot of our March looks. It's this really vivid 
										and flattering pink that brightens up the whole face." 

										3. ADD ONE BOLD EXTRA 

										"The easiest way to instantly 
										add a jolt of color is with one
										amazing accessory. Our Sydney 
										heel comes in this really vivid 
										red—and the patent adds a 
										welcome dose of shine to any 
										outfit as well."

										7 THINGS 

										Our superstylist, 
										color connoisseur 
										and walking style 
										encyclopedia fills us in... 

										HOME BASE:
										Greenwich Village 

										16 years at J.Crew 
										(she started casting 
										the models)

										STYLE MANTRA:
										"Don't overthink it...or 
										better yet, don't let 
										them know you did."

										ARTIST CRUSH:
										Louise Bourgeois 

										FASHION ICONS: 
										Coco Chanel and Rei 

										WHAT SHE CAN'T 
										LIVE WITHOUT: 
										Her yoga mat and 
										Ritter Sport milk 

										QUOTABLE QUOTE: 
										"Just add an 
										orangey-red lip..." 

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