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J.Crew - Need style advice? Inquire within.
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										JACK KNOWS BEST 

										HI THERE,
										I've pulled a few more style questions from my inbox to answer for you. 
										The highlights: how to dress for casual Fridays (no Metallica T-shirts) 
										and what tie width works best. Got a question of your own? Shoot me 
										an email: jack@jcrew.com.
										-Jack O'Connor
										MEN'S STYLIST


										A. I went to a high school with a very 
										strict dress code, and one day each 
										semester, we'd be allowed a "free dress 
										day." Every single time, some kid would 
										take it too far and show up for class 
										basically wearing pajamas. Trust me, you 
										don't want to be that kid. If you wear a 
										suit Monday through Thursday, retain two 
										or three elements of it on Friday—say, the 
										jacket, the wing tips and maybe the tie. 
										Try wearing them with jeans (they should 
										be clean, obviously, and fit well—much 
										like our 484 slim fit). Opting for a collared 
										shirt is always a safe bet. A rule of thumb 
										to abide by: If you'd wear it to the gym, 
										don't wear it to the office (yes, that means 
										leaving the hoodie at home). 

										Q. WHAT IS THE RIGHT
										WIDTH FOR A TIE?

										A. This is definitely a case where the 
										details make all the difference. Our 
										designers agonize over proportions 
										when they build our suits (their corner 
										of the office is jokingly referred to as the 
										Ludlow laboratory), and a tie is an 
										extension of that perfectionism. A 
										general guideline is that the tie at its 
										widest point should equal the lapel at 
										its widest point. Our ties clock in at 2 1/2 
										inches—they look smart and tailored, 
										just like our Ludlow suit jackets. 

										If you need more hands-on style help, we have personal shoppers in every store 
										to find anything you need. They're really helpful. Just email matt@jcrew.com or
										call 800 261 7422 to set up a complimentary appointment (oh, and they can 
										also help over the phone or via email). 



										our head men's 
										stylist and go-to 
										advice guy

										HOME BASE:
										Brooklyn Heights 
										(with wife Carmen 
										and son Graham) 

										STYLE ICON: 
										David Byrne

										ON HIS PLAYLIST: 
										Tom Waits and 
										Jonathan Richman

										SUBWAY READ: 
										New York magazine 

										WHAT HE CAN'T 
										LIVE WITHOUT:
										his Nikon S2 (he's a 
										wannabe photog)

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										J.Crew Customer Relations
										One Ivy Crescent
										Lynchburg, VA 24513-1001



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