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										If you are unable to see the message below, click here to view.             WEARECOLD by RIMAR If you had to use one word to describe Rimar's sound it would be slick. The talented young Brooklynite produces a smooth sound that slides between R&B, 70s funk, and flawless beats that bring to mind the best of late-90s hip hop. For his mix, Rimar has drawn from a range of influences to create a beautiful downtempo mood, with a sharp contemporary sound but also a haunting nostalgic quality. It really is a case of a mix coming together to become more than the sum of its parts.  play MIX      M.COHEN After starting out in a small jewellery shop on the northern coast of Israel, Maor Cohen now supplies some of the biggest names in Hollywood with his distinctive jewellery collection. Drawing on the experience of his extensive travels, the LA-based designer creates complex hand crafted pieces that are designed to be layered one upon another.  shop M.COHEN            LEVI'S VINTAGE CLOTHING Trading on decades of heritage and experience, Levi's Vintage Clothing allows the label to fondly look back on their history and reproduce some of their most iconic styles. Authentic detailing and supreme quality is therefore a given, as LVC produce stunning pieces that reference the past but are also statements for the future.  shop LVC            SILENT Previously Silent have been known for their soft earthy colour palette, but this season sees the introduction of rich greens, light sky blues, and also an African print. This first drop from their spring/summer collection also includes these unique hoods, which perfectly complement Silent's layered and draped aesthetic.  shop SILENT            oki-ni DAILY This week we launched a new daily oki-ni blog, which we imaginatively called "oki-ni DAILY". Make sure you stop by for all of the latest oki-ni news, product information, our thoughts on the Raf/Jil switch and a number of other cultural curiosities that we would like to share.  view oki-ni DAILY    TO ENSURE THAT OUR MESSAGES GET TO YOU AND DO NOT GO TO YOUR JUNK FOLDER PLEASE ADD ENQUIRIES@OKI-NI.COM TO YOUR ADDRESS BOOK. TO UNSUBSCRIBE FROM OUR EMAILS PLEASE CLICK HERE © oki-ni 2012  



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