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Scientifics - FYRflyz are Back!
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										The Popular FyrFlyz are back in stock!!!

										SAVE 5% with Coupon Code FLYZ through March 9, 2012

										Each FyrFlyz toy is a precision-balanced instrument designed to spin on its axis. By swinging the connected two strings and applying tension, kids create a continuous movement.

										Three styles of lights with different colors produce unique designs. From the swivels of the “blackhole” spin to the curls of the “flywheel” twist, there are dozens of different light shows you can create.

										FyrFlyz will create hours of amusement with the amazing light patterns they can create from spinning, swinging and twirling these little lights around.

										Regular: $10.95

										Other objects of de-light
										Lumin Disk
										Dancing light and color

										Reg. $29.95

										Antworks Illuminated 
										Blazing blue habitat
										Reg. $29.95

										Plasma Ball 
										Fascinates from all angles

										Reg. $39.95

										Hurry, your 5% savings expires March 9th! 

										*Offer Details: Limited quantities available while supplies last. To activate discount use coupon code FLYZ at checkout. Expires 3/9/2012. Cannot be applied to telescopes, gps, binoculars or gift certificates or combined with other offers. At this time we cannot ship outside the U.S. Discount applies to merchandise total and excludes shipping and handling.

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