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										If you are unable to see the message below, click here to view.             RAF SIMONS After being in the news last week for his highly publicised break from Jil Sander, it is nice to see Raf Simons operating under his own name and returning with a stunning spring/summer effort that sees his signature pop colours breaking up a largely dark and minimalist collection. This week we have new pieces from the Raf Simons mainline and also from Raf 1995, which explores the label's back catalogue. Look out for vibrant knitwear in vivacious colours, graphic slogan t-shirts, and a bold floral print that punctuates the otherwise dark palette.  shop RAF SIMONS      SILENT While Silent have traditionally utilised a soft earthy colour selection, this season sees them branch out into rich greens, light sky blues, and also an African print. What remains constant, however, is the label's textured layered aesthetic and the conceptual commitment to quality, subtlety, and a quiet, understated confidence that defines the brand.  shop SILENT            Mr HARE When we interviewed Marc Hare at the beginning of last year he mentioned plans to launch a sneaker to sit alongside his stunning collection of formal footwear. We were intrigued then and are happy to introduce the end product now. The Vonnegut is a classic running trainer that harks back to the early 1970s, the main difference being that this crafted trainer isn't made from cheap nylon but the finest calf leathers known to man.  shop Mr HARE            PAUL SMITH To support the stunning spring/summer collection of Paul Smith apparel that is now live, we have a range of fantastic accessories, including a pair of luxurious leather bags - one tote and one holdall. Paul Smith brings the same sense of style and panache to the design of his accessories as he does his apparel, and these bags feature an eye-catching section of pink nubuck leather on the base.  shop PAUL SMITH            oki-ni DAILY This week we launched a new daily oki-ni blog. After several team meetings, two brainstorming sessions, and a heated conference call, we decided to call it oki-ni DAILY and it will be a hub for all of our latest news, product information, and any other cultural curiosities that we would like to share with you. Be sure to check back each day for new stories from in and around oki-ni.  view oki-ni DAILY        TO ENSURE THAT OUR MESSAGES GET TO YOU AND DO NOT GO TO YOUR JUNK FOLDER PLEASE ADD ENQUIRIES@OKI-NI.COM TO YOUR ADDRESS BOOK. TO UNSUBSCRIBE FROM OUR EMAILS PLEASE CLICK HERE © oki-ni 2012  



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