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										Hi. Question.

										Why is everyone sneezing? I thought the bug was supposed to have come and gone with the holiday season. Instead, everyone sounds like they got punched in the nose even though they swear they're not sick. Is that why you didn't make it out for beers and bowling?

										Speaking of, I recommend some fluids and light reading from the S6 blog. Get an inside look at a handful of artist studios + a fresh Six Pack of artists to dive into.

										Hand Sanitizer,


										Studio Tour

										A while back we asked S6 artists to share their creative spaces with the community. They did. Here's a handful of pictures, back stories, cat stories, inspirations and a wide variety of workspaces we wanted to pass along.

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										Six Pack ::: 01.21.15

										This week's featured artists include Shiro, Mila Spasova, Fupete, Ira Carter, Ruth Veres (above) and The Outlet Epoch.

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