CoutureCandy Winter 2015 SALE | Shop 30 to 80% Off!

CoutureCandy - Winter 2015 SALE | Shop 30 to 80% Off!
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										Winter 2015 SALE | Shop 30 to 80% Off!
										+ Free Shipping on Most Orders!


										CoutureCandy was developed to fill a growing demand for the freshest designer
										apparel online, without sacrificing the allure, character and personal service
										distinctive of offline boutiques. We personally have found shopping online to
										be convenient, but historically lacking in personality and the creative service
										we've always enjoyed in exclusive boutiques. With this in mind, it's our goal
										at CoutureCandy to create a modern hybrid of the online and offline shopping
										experience. At CoutureCandy, you can shop all the hottest designers in one
										place and get the latest industry news, read all about the designers, and even
										keep up on (and purchase) what the celebrities are wearing. You can visit our
										Celebrity Style section and read up on all the news of what they are doing and
										what they are wearing. The CoutureCandy team was assembled in the effort to
										combine technology, convenience and information with creative, interactive
										features and top notch customer service. We're always working to provide you
										with up-to-the minute, unequaled fashion resources and sincerely welcome your
										input, ideas, and comments. From your friends at CoutureCandy, we thank all of
										you e-fashionistas out there and remind you to spread the word about
										CoutureCandy! Have a Sweet Day!
										CoutureCandy | 715 State Street | Santa Barbara | CA | 93101

										Please add feedback@couturecandy.com to your address book to ensure email
										This message was sent by: CoutureCandy, feedback@couturecandy.com, CoutureCandy, 715 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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