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										I have two cylindrical bird feeders hanging from a tree in backyard. Each one is 3 inches in diameter and 2 feet tall. We fill them with the little black sunflower seeds. Each feeder holds a lot of seeds. We can see the feeders from a window in the kitchen; it’s daily entertainment supplied by nature. There are a lot of birds out there, how many exactly I’m not sure, but it’s still shocking that they can drain the feeders on the daily. Some of the seeds are knocked out onto the ground, and the chickens, quail, doves, and other ground feeders have a heyday. Maybe they aren’t eating all of them on the spot, and they are stashing away thousands of seeds somewhere. If I was more inclined to numbers, like the analytics guys sitting behind me, I’m sure I could build an equation that could tell me how many birds are out there on any given day. But for me, watching them is entertainment enough.



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