Of a Kind 10 Things We’re Doing Besides Cheering on Boston

Of a Kind - 10 Things We’re Doing Besides Cheering on Boston
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										     (  things we’re doing besides cheering on boston )

										    Know who’s running the Boston Marathon today? Some very good friends of ours (  ), one of our favorite customers (  ) (who will be wearing our American flag earring (  ) while she does it!), and a whole bunch of badasses. Go get ‘em, Beantown. We’ll be cheering from our desk chairs. —claire 


										    Erica's things:

										  - Applauding the release of the too-tempting cookbook (  ) from my local ice-cream joint, Ample Hills Creamery. Where to start, Pistachio Squared or Ooey Gooey Butter Cake?
										  - Realizing that my vocabulary’s been longing for the term FODO (  ), which stands for “fear of disappointing others” and is basically the antithesis of FOMO.
										  - Trying to pick up a little (um pouco?) Portuguese before a big summer trip—and discovering that the free app Duolingo (  ) is the way to do it.
										  - Diving into the 60 Minutes story (  ) of the ultimate family business, McIlhenny Company—which has been making Tabasco sauce for five generations, y’all.
										  - Anxiously awaiting the arrival of peonies! And getting my fix with Muji’s incense (  ) tribute to the flower in the meantime.                    

										                Claire’s things:
										  - Letting Jenna Wortham (  ) charm the crap out of me via this genius Buzzfeed column (  ) in which she is tasked with explaining her most recently used emoji.
										  - Using a brush on my very-curly hair for the first time in probably 15 years: The Tangle Teezer (  ) manages not to break and pull at it and just generally get all caught up in it.
										  - Loving this snappy, six-minute talk by Nick Roope (  ), which reveals, among other things, fascinating details about urinal design.
										  - Keeping track of all of the brilliant ideas (and, okay, random to-dos) that pop into my head while showering, thanks to Aqua Notes (  ).                
										  - Hoping to improve my running form (and avoid perennial running injuries!) with these tips from Well & Good (  ).                


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