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										Stock up on everything you need to kick back and unwind all summer long. Dudes View this email online Livin' for the Long Weekend OhioFlame$1249.99 thesummeryumbrella$25.00 LostInArtTexas$535.00 Shop Memorial Day collections Take It Out Back unearthedgallery$450.00 Amacando€64.00 Shop outdoor furniture Born in the USA Let the good times roll Beer Koozies Bottle Openers Beer Holders Summer Swag AKBesq£75.00 SHUNAMI$85.00 WDurableGoods$600.00 garbella$24.00 APRILLOOKshop$69.00 RAMSHORNpourhomme$48.00 Get your cool on Fire Up the Grill Shop grilling collections Are You Outside Yet? TheOldWell$45.00 FanshaweBlaine$39.00 Strap on your hiking shoes Father's Day Preview Get gift ideas Gillian You are receiving this email because you registered on Etsy.com with this email address. To stop receiving emails about Etsy Dudes, unsubscribe here. 

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