Overland Combine Warmth and Style with a Sheepskin Coat

Overland - Combine Warmth and Style with a Sheepskin Coat
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										Combine Warmth and Style with a Sheepskin Coat
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										Feature Items:
										1. Women's Piper Shearling Sheepskin Coat with Detachable Hood     > 

										2. Men's Benjamin Shearling Sheepskin Coat    > 

										3. Women's Jane Sheepskin B-3 Bomber Jacket     > 

										4. Men's Daniel Shearling Sheepskin Coat     > 

										5. Women's Nadira Shearling Sheepskin Coat with Fox Fur Trim     > 

										6. Men's Classic Sheepskin B-3 Bomber Jacket     > 

										7. Women's Tatum Shearling Sheepskin Coat    > 

										8. Men's Overland Highlands Sueded Shearling Sheepskin Coat    > 

										9. Women's Rebecca Shearling Sheepskin Jacket    > 

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										Women's Shearling Sheepskin Gloves  > 

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										Men's Shearling Gloves with Vents > 

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										Eddy - 

										Stuart (Microfiber) - 

										1-800-OVERLAND  /  1-800-683-7526     

										Open 7 days a week 9 am -6 pm Central

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										Overland Sheepskin Company • 2096 Nutmeg Avenue • Fairfield, Iowa • 52556

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