Amazon.com Up to 60% Off Select Shun Classic Knife Sets

Amazon.com - Up to 60% Off Select Shun Classic Knife Sets
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										Amazon.com Gold Box Deal of the Day 
										Up to 60% Off Select Shun Classic Knife Sets

										Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at Woot.com: "You can sharpen your sense of flavor. You can hone your plating skills to a keen edge. You can slice and dice the finer points of cuisine. And none of it means anything if you don't have decent knives. Shun to the rescue. With Damascus-clad blades and ebony Pakkawood handles, these Shun Classic sets put pro-level steel in the hands of inspired amateurs who want to step up their kitchen game. Terms like "hand-sharpened to a 16-degree double-bevel" may not mean much to the layman, but trust us: Your palate will taste the difference. So, sure, spend as much time as you can learning and experimenting and building your skills. Just don't waste all that training by using knives that aren't worthy of you."
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