Land of Nod Splish splash, Michelle's favorites for the bath.

Land of Nod - Splish splash, Michelle's favorites for the bath.
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										Michelle's Musings

										We get quite a few questions from our customers on how to design shared
										spaces. I thought it might be helpful to provide some tips on a rather
										tricky shared space: the bathroom. There are days when my husband, my
										teenage daughter and I are all vying for space at the mirror.
										Inevitably, at these times, one of my boys will come in just to chat.
										This is fun and all, but I seriously have to get to work. So how can
										your décor help? 

										1. Make sure the towels are high-quality. There's nothing worse than a
										scratchy non-absorbent towel.
										2. Coordinate the décor. It doesn't have to be over-themed. But it
										should pull the room together.
										3. Keep the style fun and upbeat, but not so babyish that you can't
										stand to be in the bathroom. I love the Rain, Rain, Go Away and the
										Floral sets for a shared bathroom. 

										We produce all of our towels in Portugal, and they are gorgeous. These
										towels are 100% cotton terry, super absorbent and cozy. For fall, we
										have three new sets: Floral, Froggy and Rain, Rain, Go Away. They're all
										exclusively Nod, of course.

										They all have coordinating shower curtains, bath mats, and the cutest
										ever bath robes. 
										I adore this rain cloud pattern by Leah Duncan. And the storm cloud bath
										mat is just plain silly.

										This towel is so beautiful. It's definitely sophisticated enough for mom
										and dad.

										And, of course, the robes. I love when my kids are clean and snuggled in
										a robe. 

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