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										For the Love of Four-Legged Friends...


										The Cat & Dog
										$9.95 each
										Item Numbers: UF2002, UF2002G, UF2152

										"A cat pours his body on the floor like
										water. It is restful just to see him."
										--William Lyon Phelps

										"In ancient times cats were worshipped
										as gods; they have not forgotten this."
										--Terry Pratchett

										"If I have any beliefs about immortality,
										it is that certain dogs I have known will
										go to heaven, and very, very few persons." --James Thurber

										"If animals could speak, the dog would be 
										a blundering outspoken fellow." --Mark Twain

										These little (about 6"-square) books pair irresistibly adorable photos of cats or dogs with creative feline- or canine-themed quotations. Both animals are handsomely showcased doing what they do best--in general: sleeping and prowling (cats), and sleeping and frolicking (dogs). The Cat and The Dog both make joyfully charming gifts for animal lovers. (CH)

										Dog Sense: How the New Science of Dog Behavior Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet
										Members' Price: $13.59
										Item Number: UF3302 

										By further pulling back the curtain on dogs’ inner lives, the new school of canine science has the potential to provide everyday dog owners with new ways of thinking about--and relating to--their pets....Some of this research has revealed startling differences between dogs and people, suggesting that it is both desirable and possible for dog owners to "think dog" rather than simply assuming that whatever they themselves are sensing and feeling, their dog must be sensing and feeling too.

										I love my dog--but I must admit that I didn't have a clue as to what might be going on in his fascinating little dog brain until I got Dog Sense. John Bradshaw shares the latest animal behavior science to reveal how dogs evolved, what their emotional and intellectual capabilities are, the underlying principles of canine genetics and breeding, and how we can help dogs adapt to our rapidly changing world. Be kind to your furry, four-legged best friend by absorbing this enlightening guide to the world from a dog's perspective. (AB)

										The French Dog
										Members' Price: $25.46
										Item Number: UF3422 
										"Dog! . . . What can
										be the meaning of the
										obscure love for me
										that has sprung up in
										your heart?"
										--Anatole France

										The photographs are enchanting: adorable, dramatic, sweet, funny, smart dogs in and among the streets and parks, cities, villages, and countryside of France. Rachael Hale somehow manages to capture the character of each dog she photographs. (Note the proud Jack Russells on the cover--Duke and Elvis, no less--guarding the secret door behind the vines.) The Parisian settings make even the scruffiest pup seem so, well, elegant. Well-chosen quotations from famous dog-lovers capture the spirit of the photographs. Plus, Hale provides contextual notes for some of her more surprising shots. Oddly enough, I know a dogloving devotee of Paris who will love this book; perhaps you do, too! (EE)

										Cow & Horse Tails & Trails
										$19.95 each
										Members' Price: $16.96 each
										Item Numbers: UF2092G, UF2452, UF2092 

										These fun and informative books offer a bovine bonanza and an equine extravaganza! Loaded with cow and horse history, beautiful color photographs, amusing cartoons, cool trivia, and thoroughly detailed guides to various breeds, Cow Tails and Trails and Horse Tails and Trails are certain to entertain and enlighten anyone fond of large animals. Farmhands and urbanites alike will find much to contentedly ruminate over in these bright volumes. (CH)

										How Rocket Learned to Read Book & Rocket Plush Doll
										Members' Price (HL7582): $15.29
										Item Numbers: HL7582G, HL7582, HL7572 

										Rocket is an adorable pup whose life consists of playing and napping, until he meets a little yellow bird who declares herself his teacher. His lessons begin with the "wondrous, mighty, gorgeous alphabet," and soon he learns to sound out words one letter at a time, and eventually to read all on his own! When his teacher flies south for the winter, Rocket practices his new skills everywhere he can--and he greets her springtime return with a wagging tail, eager to begin new stories. With a lively narrative and irresistible illustrations, How Rocket Learned to Read engages young readers as it encourages them to hone their skills. We're also offering the darling Rocket Plush Doll (about 9" tall; 100% polyester) as a cuddly story-time companion. For ages 3 to 7. (AG)

										The Happy Goat Forever Plaque/Card & Tote Bag
										Item Numbers: UF2402, UF2402G, UF2412

										The irresistibly friendly expression on this adorable goat's face is the perfect reminder to "Be Joyous Always" (as encouraged in 1 Thessalonians 5:16). We're offering the cheerful black-and- white image as a ready-to-hang 5"x7" particle-board plaque--and including a 4 1/2"x6 1/2" note card (blank inside, with envelope) so that you can share the uplifting verse with a loved one, as well. Or, send the card and plaque to your friend--she'll think of you every time she sees the merry little image on her wall! And for carting around books, groceries, or any sort of goodies, our sage green Happy Goat Tote Bag--about 15"x16"x3 1/2", with a comfy, wide 30" strap--is just the jolly thing!

										For the Love of Cats & Dogs
										$16.95 each
										Members' Price: $14.41
										Item Numbers: UE9422, UE9422G, UE9432 
										A to Z explorations of the irresistible appeal of cats and dogs, these exuberantly illustrated picture books offer a cute rhyme and an educational tidbit for every letter of the alphabet. In Cats, for instance, A is for Adored (you'll learn how cats were worshipped in ancient Egypt), F is for Finicky (but there's a biological reason that your kitty turns his nose up at food!), and T is for Tail (with some helpful translations for "tail talk"). Dogs showcases the quirky personalities of many popular breeds as well as other fascinating traits that make pups such lovable companions. Both volumes function as both children's picture books as well as adult coffee-table books: The simple rhymes will delight little animal lovers (ages 4 and up) while the more in-depth factoids will fascinate more mature cat and dog people. And the preponderance of Mark Anderson's lively and personality-filled illustrations will captivate readers of all ages! (AG)

										Yoga Dogs & Cats Sleepshirts
										$29.95 each
										Item Numbers: UE9942, UE9942G, UE9932

										A Dalmatian strikes a "warrior two" pose, a striped cat performs a "plow" posture--all of the canine and feline yoga practitioners on these hilarious sleepshirts are stretching impressively from tail to paws. Made of 100% cotton, these roomy pajamas are one size fit most (chest measures about 50" around, and length is about 34" from neck to hem). Woof, meow, and namaste! (Imported.)

										97 Ways to Make a Dog Smile
										Item Number: UF1282  

										#71. Figaro, Figaro, Figaro! Dogs love when you sing opera. Don’t worry if you don’t speak Italian; your dog will prefer that you change the words and sing about him.

										These ninety-seven creative ways to amuse your dog have the delightful side effect of cracking up the humans! From "El Matador" (a simulated bullfight) to "The White-Glove Massage" (you put socks on your hands for the rubdown), these zany activities guarantee canine satisfaction! For bonding with your pooch, you can't beat 97 Ways to Make a Dog Smile. Plus, the full-color (smiling doggie) head-shots on every page will surely make you smile as well! (CH)

										Dog Rules Marble Plaque
										Item Number: UF2142 

										"Bark as if no one can hear you. Sit by the fire with friends. Stay with the ones who love you. Run like the road never ends." Dogs sure know how to live! Our adorable Dog Rules Marble Plaque professes the beautiful basics of canine comportment--and reminds us humans what the important things in life really are. The 5"-square white marble decoration comes with both easel back and saw-tooth hook, so you can stand it on a shelf/ tabletop or hang it on the wall.

										"Cats Who Read" Note Cards (2 Each of 4, 8 Total)
										Item Number: UE9252  
										Literary felines grace these whimsical note cards--one sweet kitty takes a break from reading "The Owl and the Pussycat" to play with a peacock feather, a resourceful trio of cats implements plans learned fromBirdfeeders You Can Build, a sleepy fluff-ball naps near her to-read stack, and an imaginative striped cat envisions a butterfly guidebook coming to life. What perfect vehicles for sending nice and nimble little notes to friends! Set of eight blank 4 1/4"x5 1/2" cards includes two each of four designs shown, plus envelopes.

										Paste Dogs Note Cards (5 Each of 4, 20 Total)
										Item Number: UE8752  
										Created from collages of newsprint, the pups featured on these note cards pay subtle--and adorable-- homage to the printed word! The boxed set of twenty 4"x5" cards includes five each of the four designs shown, plus envelopes. What perfect stationery for all the dog-loving readers you know!

										Dog Tales: NPR Driveway Moments (2 CDs)
										Item Number: UF2652  
										Dog lovers, you are about to be entertained by this collection of NPR's Driveway Moments-- those stories that keep you sitting in the car, even after you've reached your destination, because you just have to hear the endings. With such enticing titles as Dog Becomes Tiger Mama at Kansas Zoo, Project Flying Chihuahuas, and An Entrepreneurial Dog's Private Life, and many more, these Dog Tales are sure to help the highway miles fly by. Many are hilarious; some are inspiring; and at least one will bring a tear to the human eye. Kids will like them, too

										Mother's Love: Inspiring True Stories from the Animal Kingdom
										Item Number: UE8152
										"To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow." --Maya Angelou

										A tender tribute to motherhood, this heartwarming little book pairs adorable National Geographic photos of animal mothers and their offspring with inspirational quotes, fascinating factoids, and amazing true stories of maternal heroism. (A mama duck in Vancouver, for example, flagged down a human to rescue her ducklings after they fell into a storm drain.) For Mother's Day or any day,Mother's Love makes a touching gift to show a mom, grandmother, or any maternal figure how much she's appreciated. (AG)

										Book Buddies: Chatty Cats & Peppy Pups
										$14.95 each
										Item Numbers: UF1952, UF1952G, UF1962 
										These cute little "buddies" make delightfully expressive accessories for schoolwork, casual correspondence, and all kinds of reading. The chatty cats (Benny, Henrietta, and Milo) and peppy pups (Otis, Punky, and Bingo) are writable adhesive flags-- so you can jot down a word or two in the speech balloon and stick the paper note wherever you need it. Particularly adorable when peeking out of the top of a book, these Book Buddies are also perfectly suited for posting little love notes or reminders around the house or in a lunchbox! We're offering the handy flags in sets of two Chatty Cats or Peppy Pups--a total of 210 cats or pups.

										Writer's Blocks
										$14.95 each
										Item Numbers: UF2992, UF2992G, UF3002 
										These winsome 3"-cube note pads each feature adorable animal-themed patterns on the sides and a cute little cut-out (of a puppy, a squirrel, or a cat) on every sheet. Your short messages and important notes (630 per block) will be punctuated with an exuberant bark, chatter, or meow!


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